Anonymous: Nope, i've never spoken to you before now actually 

haha how can I guess who you are then? impossible

Anonymous: Guess 

do I know you in person?


the oilers onesies are $100 what the fuck if I wanted to sleep with expensive disappointment I’d fuck one of the players

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if a bitch u hate on the seat, just push her off with this handy dandy bitch movin’ seat
Anonymous: ahh ya know 

haha I don’t

Anonymous: Fair play, yea no worries, you are cute as fuck tho 

aw who are you?

Anonymous: Nope, i still pop round every now and then, you should post more shit to remind everyone you exist 

well naaah, I guess I’m good haha 

but thanks again

Anonymous: You are so fucking cute it hurts 

ohh wow thanks I already thought every single person on tumblr forgot that I exist